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Buy Continental HDR2 Plus online


295/75R22.5, 144/141L, G (14 Ply)

    • LOAD/SPEED: 144/141L
  • LOAD RANGE: G (14 PLY)

Buy Continental HDR2 Plus online

Buy Continental HDR2 Plus online IMPORTANT: This item is oversized. MUST be shipped with LTL-Freight Service.

  • Minimum Order quantity is 4 (FOUR) TIRES.
  • This item can ONLY be delivered to addresses within COMMERCIAL or INDUSTRIAL zones and areas.
  • This Item can NOT be delivered to Residential zones, areas, and addresses.
  • Businesses operating out of homes are considered Residential.
  • Farms, remote/rural addresses, and certain Commercial addresses are considered difficult to access for an LTL-Freight vehicle and may not be covered by our Free Shipping.
  • A valid business name needs to be provided alongside the valid Commercial address.
  • A liftgate to help unload the Item can be included for FREE with the LTL-Freight vehicle for delivery.
  • Orders requiring LTL-Freight shipping will be shipped out within 3 business days after a valid address has been provided and verified.
  • LTL-Freight delivery personnel are NOT available for additional requests during the delivery of the Item.
  • Any changes (i.e.: Address corrections) after an order has been shipped are NOT available.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fuel efficient performance
  • Upgraded durability
  • Longer lasting tread life

Continental HDR2 Eco Plus Tires

The Continental HDR2 Eco Plus is a highway terrain, all season tire made for commercial vehicles. This model was made for the vehicle’s drive axle.

The tire guarantees excellent fuel economy. The stronger, advanced compound works with the Eco Plus technology in order to decrease the pressure affecting the tire. They ease the pressure off by preventing heat build-up, which reduces the rolling resistance. The rolling resistance is the pressure affecting the tire which determines the vehicle’s fuel consumption necessary to keep the vehicle in motion. Lessening the rolling resistance, allows the vehicle to lower the fuel intake and CO2 emission levels. This guarantees a fuel-efficient driving experience.

The reinforced internal structure maintains the surface contact during the performance. This allows the tire’s surface contact at all times, which upgrades the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. This greatly enhances the driver’s better control over the vehicle. The maintained ideal tire shape also allows the tire to upgrade the load capacity. As the tire does not deform under the load and driving pressure, boosting the overall load durability Buy Continental HDR2 Plus online.

The HDR2 Eco Plus promotes a longer tread life. The footprint stability with the open shoulder pattern enables even pressure distribution. The stabilized tread elements prevent tread flexing and ensure a balanced pressure circulation along the tread area. The open shoulder pattern and the durable compound avoids heat build-up, which decreases the treadwear rate. The slower and even wear enhances the service life.


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