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Continental HSR2


  • Damage resistance
  • Enhanced controllability
  • All weather traction


The Continental HSR2 is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for commercial vehicles. It was made to be mounted on all axle positions, but it recommended for the steer axle.

The tire ensures first-rate all weather performance. The all season tire compound maintains its excellent rubber flexibility throughout the year. The symmetric ribbed pattern, with the siping detail, firmly grips the road surface in dry, wet and winter weather and ensures a secure driving experience. The tread features wide circumferential grooves that actively prevent hydroplaning by channeling water and slush away from the tire’s footprint. In this manner, the tire guarantees a safer year round performance.

The ribbed tread design enables the tire’s constant road contact. The ribbed pattern closely follows the road surface, which boosts the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. As a result, the tire is faster and more accurate in its response to the driver’s steering instructions, while its structure is stabilized against the driving pressure affecting the model. This results in a better overall controllability, which allows the driver to confidently control the vehicle in all weather.

The HSR2 offers great damage resistance. The wide circumferential grooves sport stone ejectors that eliminate rocks stuck between the tread elements. This actively resists stone retention from harming the tire’s casing. The durable compound is cut and chip resistant. This compound combined with the solid shoulder ribs avoids premature tread wear on the shoulders, at high scrub applications. The better compound durability and stone retention prevention lengthens the tread life and the tire’s usability.


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