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Continental Conti Hau 3 WT


  • Damage resistance
  • All season traction
  • Improved durability


The Continental Conti Hau 3 WT is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for commercial vehicles. This model is designed for all axle positions of the vehicle.

The tire guarantees a phenomenal tread life and usability with its durable compound materials and robust tread design. The compound slows down the treadwear rate and avoids early wear formations. The superb sidewall protection avoids damage caused by curbs, cuts, and tread chipping, promoting a safer driving experience in highway terrain conditions. The tread eliminates rocks from the footprint before they can harm the tire’s tread and casing. The combination of these features promotes a superb service life and better performing ability on highway terrains.

The reinforced internal construction boosts the model’s load and driving durability, allowing it to perform better in heavy-duty conditions. These strong structural materials prevent the tire from losing its optimal shape, allowing it to carry and withstand larger loads with ease. The robust tread also improves the overall load handling power by evenly distributing load and driving pressure across the tread area. This enhances the vehicle’s load handling power and enables it to perform well in commercial applications.

The Continental Conti Hau 3 WT utilizes its tread elements to promote a phenomenal performance throughout the year. The detailed tread elements boost the traction in dry, wet, and winter weather conditions, while the stronger compound keeps the rubber flexible all the time. The detailed tread ribs provide a high number of biting edges and boost the overall road gripping ability. The circumferential groove design ejects water and slush from the footprint, preventing them from blocking the road contact. This stops the vehicle from hydroplaning in rainy and snowy weather conditions.


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