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Continental HDL2 EcoPlus


  • Enhanced controllability
  • Fuel efficient performance
  • Longer lasting usability


The Continental HDL2 EcoPlus is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for commercial vehicles. The tire was made for the vehicle’s drive axle.

The tire enhances the surface contact throughout the performance. The wider and flat footprint, with the stabilized tread elements upgrade the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. This enhances the steering response time and accuracy to the driver’s commands, while the structure is secured against the driving pressure affecting the tire. The model also features a stronger internal structure, enabling the model to upgrade the load capacity. This enables the tire to carry and withstand heavy loads during the performance.

The advanced tire compound enables the tire to upgrade the fuel efficiency throughout the drive. The better traction allows the tire to greatly lower the rolling resistance, by minimizing the pressure affecting the tire. The rolling resistance is the pressure affecting the tire which determines the vehicle’s fuel intake needed to keep the tires in motion. Reducing the rolling resistance enables the tire to decrease the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels promote a fuel conscious and environmentally friendly driving experience.

The HDL2 EcoPlus increases the length of the usability as well. The stabilized tread elements and the stronger compound elements work together to enhance the tread life. The secured footprint allows the tire to evenly distribute the driving pressure across the tread area, effectively avoiding irregular wear formations. The stronger compound elements improve the tread life by slowing the treadwear rate down with the wear-resistant compound elements. This combination elongates the service life of the tire.


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