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Buy bridgestone r196a online


Buy bridgestone r196a online | ALL-POSITION HIGH SCRUB RADIAL TIRE

Buy bridgestone r196a online | The Bridgestone R196A all-position high scrub radial is another of Bridgestone’s innovative solutions for spread-axle trailer applications in long haul, regional haul, and pickup & delivery services. The R196A radials are designed with a tough tread compound to fight scrub wear, yet run cool for long mileage. The R196A also meets rolling resistance requirements for non-box trailers in the 2018 Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 Program.


Continuous shoulder ribs fight turning side forces and resist tearing
Cross-rib sipes improve traction by slicing through water for a solid grip on wet roads
Wide channel grooves evacuate water from the tread
Stress relief sipes reduce footprint stresses for long, even wear
Innovative belt package protects against side forces encountered on spread and multi-axle trailers


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